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Irish Water

Irish Water

Irish Water.


Irish Water is Ireland's new national water utility that is responsible for providing and developing water services throughout Ireland.
Incorporated in July 2013, as a semi-state company under the Water Services Act 2013, Irish Water will bring the water and wastewater services of the 34 Local Authorities together under one national service provider.

Irish Water will gradually take over the responsibilities from these Local Authorities on a phased basis from January 2014. It will take approximately five years for Irish Water to be fully established, at which point it will be responsible for the operation of public water services including management of national water assets, maintenance of the water system, investment and planning, managing capital projects and customer care and billing.

As well as responsibility for public water services, Irish Water will also be making capital and investment decisions regarding the country's water infrastructure on a national basis.
Irish Water will be accountable to two regulatory bodies – the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) who is the economic regulator for the water industry, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who is the environmental regulator.
Irish Water is a registered subsidiary company of Bord Gáis Éireann.
Why are we changing the way we supply water services in Ireland?
Water is one of our most valuable resources. It has shaped our landscape, dictated the location of our towns and cities, protected our health, and fuelled our economic development.
However, clean water is expensive to both produce and manage. There is a complex process involved in turning raw water into clean drinking water, and treating wastewater so that it can be reintroduced back into our environment.

Our current funding model is simply not sustainable.
Despite the good work of the Local Authorities, much greater investment nationally is needed to address weaknesses in the water system, including high leakage rates, varying quality standards, and disruptions to supply.
Ireland is currently the only country in the OECD that does not have domestic water charges. This transition will ensure that Ireland is well positioned to attract foreign and indigenous investment, creating real potential for new jobs within the country.

  irish water charges

Domestic water charges announcement
Following the publication by the Commission for Energy Regulation of the decision on the Water Charges Plan, Irish Water wishes to inform domestic customers of the charges that will be applied for public water services from 1 October 2014.

  • There is no standing charge for domestic customers.
  • VAT is not applicable.
  • The volume of water supplied is assumed to be equal to the volume of wastewater removed.
  • Water services are measured in m3 (1 m3 = 1 cubic metre = 1,000 litres).
  • Bills will normally be issued quarterly.



Household water services allowance: 30m3 (30,000 litres) per service per annum for the primary residence of the account holder and is applicable per household.
Children's water services allowance: 21m3 (21,000 litres) per service per annum for children qualifying for child benefit at their place of primary residence.

Note: Any unused allowances will be carried forward within the year.
Metered charges
Charges are based on the volume of water supplied

Water supplied: €2.44 per m3
Wastewater removed: €2.44 per m3

Note: Metered bills will be capped at the relevant unmetered charge for 9 months after the start date of your first metered bill.
Unmetered charges
Charges are based on an assessment of the volume of water supplied
The assessment of volume is dependent on the number of occupants declared to be living at the domestic property being supplied.


For more information about the water charges and irish water please visit

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